Manos Mastrosavvas Restaurant

The cafe restaurant also offers various coffees, sweets and ice creams and drinks. The traditional Greek style Cafe, where the villagers meet at the start and end of their work day, to discuss and have their coffee or drink... here you may meet interresting local people and get to know the village culture a bit more...
You must try:

Greek Yogurt with Local Honey and Wallnuts

The Special Greek Yogurt with Honey and Wallnuts,
a delicatessen and speciality of the cafe...

The traditional Greek coffee which requires special knowledge and craftmanship to make properly...
The Suma which is produced for generations from Statis Mastrosavvas, from their own Vineyard, using their own "Kazani" (Traditional Pot that produces the suma), is also a must if you can handle strong liquor... (the suma is also bottled if you want to take it with you)

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