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At the Emerald Island of Rhodes (Rhodos) and the foot of "Acromitis" Mountain, the picturesque village of Sianna is set, 365 meters above sea level, overlooking the Karpathian and Cretan Archipelagos…
At the center of the village and next to the grand church of Saint Panteleimon, the Traditional Taverna of Manos Mastrosavvas operates from 1912, from generation to generation… Traditional taste, recepies and smells. With its own production “Kazani” (the traditional equipment) of Suma production, from its own vineyards. With its own production of the famous pure local Honey from its own bees…

The success and continuing of the tradition is credited to Anastasia Mastrosavvas, Cook and guarantor of the tastes, and to Stati Mastrosavvas, Bee keeper, Vineyard and Suma producer and Barbeque Cook of the Taverna, and to the Youngest of the Mastrosavvas family, Filippos Mastrosavvas for his virtuosity, sociability and great will to serve.

These are the reasons why you will enjoy an unforgettable traditional hospitality and gastronomical experience at the taverna “Manos Mastrosavvas” Café Restaurant

Greek SaladStifadoMousakas dishGemista - Stuffed VegetablesDolmadakia - Stuffed grape leaves

Manos Mastrosavvas and the making of Souma of the pastManos Mastrosavvas and the making of Suma

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